Treatment (FMP)

020 020 is going to be the name of the final project I’m going to be creating, as it is going to be set in urban London. 020 is the area code of London which gives away the location of where the scenes are based from. Ive decided to create a 2 min entertaining piece.the […]

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Types Of Cartoons (FMP)

Editorial Cartoons an editorial cartoon is to give a point of view. This means that it could be an opinion on something that occurred in the news e.g  a house is on fire which coulfd then be implemented into a cartoon.  the cartoon could be picture, words or both. these cartoons seem to have exaggerated […]

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Origin Of Cartoons (FMP)

Cartoon: A simple drawing showing the feature of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way this means that it is taken to the extreme for comedic purposes, especially a satirical one in a wallpaper in a newspaper or magazine. Cartoon is a type of two/three dimensional illustration which is a 2D/3D drawing of cartoons, throughout […]

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FMP Proposal

For my final project i will be creating a 2D animation, the length of the animation will be 3-5mins, the story is based on my school life and is a video biography in an animated style. Furthermore it will consist of funny and interesting moments that have occurred in my school life. This means that […]

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The Website Design Process

Planning Stage: Research Observe Analyse select a theme Gathering Content logos colours etc Design concepts Research themes Research existing sites logos colours etc image, sound and video planning structure: how buttons are gonna link together how many buttons are needed design: aesthetics layout style etc design concepts wireframes(How it holds info) Create design Share with […]

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