Treatment (FMP)


020 is going to be the name of the final project I’m going to be creating, as it is going to be set in urban London. 020 is the area code of London which gives away the location of where the scenes are based from. Ive decided to create a 2 min entertaining piece.the research that I’ve been doing has been on successful cartoons to take notes on what makes them popular which i then found out is that cartoons like ‘the amazing world of gumball’ uses memorial anime, cartoons and events of real life and re-interprit them for comedic effect.In this animatic¬†some characters may be created in different styles. The story will be set in various areas of London.


  • Sapphire(female)
  • Cain(male)
  • Napoleon(male)



the story of 020 is about the life of encounters these three friends face in life as they show us how its like to live in London as they have the whole summer holiday to embrace it like its their last summer together as they are continuing their lives onto different paths.

Sapphire is a pretty simple person who is very humble, kind and sometimes moody her emotions tend to get the best of her which leads to actions she regrets due to her being easily provoked by her friends.

Napoleon a hot head, not because he is bald but that is one of the reasons he feels like people are watching him, this makes it difficult to approach him, however his friends tease him for being such a complex being, however he opens up himself in a awkward way and feels like he needs to work on his personality.

Cain is


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