Types Of Cartoons (FMP)

Editorial Cartoons

an editorial cartoon is to give a point of view. This means that it could be an opinion on something that occurred in the news e.g  a house is on fire which coulfd then be implemented into a cartoon.  the cartoon could be picture, words or both. these cartoons seem to have exaggerated features eg. noses, ears.

Panel Comic and Gag Cartoons

A panel cartoon is made up of one panel. the cartoon is about an everyday event with a twist. Usually there is a punchline at the bottom off the panel

Comic Strips

Comic Strips are published in newspapers and magazines as a little amusment section in the newspaper as an ice breaker depending on what your reading about, they usually consist of drawings and speeech bubblesand are a collection of panels. The charactes in comic strips will appear regularly.


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