FMP Proposal

For my final project i will be creating a 2D animation, the length of the animation will be 3-5mins, the story is based on my school life and is a video biography in an animated style. Furthermore it will consist of funny and interesting moments that have occurred in my school life.

This means that when i create this each of the recollected memories will have a comedic twist to it to draw in my audience and some scenes will consist of relatable moments in school in general.

The animation will be produced digitally with programme such as photoshop and Cinema 4D. Backgrounds, Props, Characters, Texts and etc will be created on photoshop(Design ideas and concepts will be in my book and uploaded onto my blog). Then the animation will be constructed together on CINEMA 4D

Section 1:

  • The theme is based of school, The name of the final project is undecided. Working towards producing is creating the animation itself and completing it to perfection
  • Created various amounts of sketches and concepts
  • Characters, plot and a story board
  • Backgrounds, colour choices and trial and errors
  • Frames

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