Evaluation for Animation

The animation was created using Photoshop and after affects, the assets such as images was from the internet and has been organized into a folder so that when i use after affects so that the files dont get lost and i cant run my animation so being organized was a must. When creating the animation it had to be 15 secounds long

When using Photoshop i decided to recreate peter saviles art pieces into the animation as i thought of it as a creative idea from my perspective, which meant i had to the extensive research on different art pieces and who my artist is so like a bio basically  and implemented a little information about the artist.

the introduction of the animation is inspiration from one of his pieces where the text clashes into each other, furthermore he used primary colours to create this piece that why i used specific colours to represent his work

Then reaching the end of the animation i used objects i created in Photoshop and implemented them into after affects by having the objects recreate itself through the aNIMATION



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