Heaven & Hell

Twitter(Heaven): is a very successful website which has a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars its features consist of allowing you to post or tweet which A tweet is a piece of text no longer than 140 characters. Spaces and punctuation count. Think of it as a blog entry, a bite sized blog entry furthermore allows you to tweet out messages, images and videos, another feature is being able to communicate with others by using f=direct message that allows you to personally message people.Twitters homepage has four tabs which have different types of information, the home shows you all the tweets that people you follow and promotions, Moments shows you what is trending and informs you bout different types of news such as music, technology and politics which is a feature id like to add into my website, Notifications informs you on who tagged you or followed you, Messages is where your messages are being held where u can see who seen or replied to your messages.

A feature that id like to add to my website from twitter is the Moments feature as it is very informative however in my website id like to have links to different website news outlets  and whatever the target audience is interested in giving them a variety of different thing to learn about.(This will be shown in my design ideas as a  concept)

Paragon(Heaven): This website is pretty minimalistic and al the tabs are organised, when you enter the first page you see the latest news presented and for furthermore the website directs you to the news page, and it has a filter category incase you need to limit the things you want and don’t want to see easily.

Youtube(Heaven): youtube is a hugely successful platform to upload and watch videos as it continues to grow bigger year after year, on youtube it is pretty organised as if you are signed in you have your suggestions, recommended and recently uploaded and then whats hot and then all your subscriptions are compiled into one place, whats good is that on the side bar you have Homepage, your Channel, trending, subscriptions, history and purchases.

Facebook(Hell): Facebook is a terrible website it just copies things from other applications or websites like periscope  where it is a live streaming website similar to twitch but this is like blogging/vlogging where Facebook just decided to steal it and rename it Facebook live.



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