Web Design History

In the beginning the big difference between websites you see today compared to  websites in the 1990s could imagine that there wasn’t any images, CSS or parallax design.

  • Parallax Design: is a technique in computer graphics and web design, where background images are constructed to move slower than the foreground image in order to create a 2D scene which is like an illusion of depth which adds more to the immersion.
  • CSS(Cascading Style Sheets): is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of a document written in a mark up language.
  • Image:a representation of the external form of a person or thing in art

1989 – Dark Ages

  • The very beginning of web design started off with black screens, as in the actual screen itself is black and only had a few monochrome pixel lived in therein(Document). The design was created with symbols and tabulation(Tab key)

1995 – The Beginning

  • The delivery of browsers that could that could exhibit images was the  first step into web design as we know it. HTML being an available option to structure information because already had tables existing in it.

1995 – Javascript: High level programming language

  • Javascript was the answer to the limitations of HTML, for example popup window javascript is the gateway to dynamically modify the order of something

1996 – Flash

  • In order to break the limitations of an existing web design, a certain technology was born that apparently gave you freedom never seen before. The designer could design any shapes, layouts and animation all this was on one powerful tool called Flash.

1998 – CSS

  • CSS came around a similar time towards flash, however CSS being a more suitable approach to structure design. CSS short for Cascading Style Sheet.

2007 – Mobile Uprising

  • The uprising of mobile phones becoming smart phones means they are able to use the Web making computers lest reliable, however it was a challenge since mobile phones have different layouts on different devices. This caused many problems such as should the web design be the same on a  smaller screen? or is the speed of it too slow ?

2010 – Responsive web design

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