Evaluation for Animation

The animation was created using Photoshop and after affects, the assets such as images was from the internet and has been organized into a folder so that when i use after affects so that the files dont get lost and i cant run my animation so being organized was a must. When creating the animation […]

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Heaven & Hell

Twitter(Heaven): is a very successful website which has a net worth of 1.2 billion dollars its features consist of allowing you to post or tweet which A tweet is a piece of text no longer than 140 characters. Spaces and punctuation count. Think of it as a blog entry, a bite sized blog entry furthermore […]

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Web Design History

In the beginning the big difference between websites you see today compared to ¬†websites in the 1990s could imagine that there wasn’t any images, CSS or parallax design. Parallax Design: is a technique in computer graphics and web design, where background images are constructed to move slower than the foreground image in order to create […]

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UX/UI Design Issues (WIP)

UX/User Experience: is the process of enhancing user satisfaction (Meeting/Surpassing ¬†user expectation) with a product by improving the usability(product being able or fit to be used), accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. UI/User Interface: The means by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular the use of input […]

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