Evaluation For App Concept

The app is an weather app and i have managed to finish the product it has a simplistic look towards it, it isn’t compiled with information as it is stored away with additional tabs which are the three linking pages. The applications i have used to create the app is Photoshop to create the dimensions and design ideas of the three individual pages. While using gradient to give each weather alternating page life and some color towards it. I’ve sampled the colors from adobe finding contrasting and also clashing colors to avoid. The weather app is fit for ages above 18 where people should have an understanding of applications that support you through everyday life.

The homepage consists of the weather telling you the humidity, temperature, wind speed further down the app there is a button that takes you to other pages such as page 2 and 3.

When you get to page 2 it’s a more technical page telling you how the weather is on a 7 day scale giving you their specifics aswell.

Page 3 is the settings page telling you what features you can change or things you want to turn off.



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