Production- Noir Film

Costume Planning For Each Character:

  • Mob bosses
  • Black suit
  • mk_iozwpvkwhfue5eqnwqhwhere  is an example of how the outfit will look.
  • White T-Shirt
  • Bow Tie/Tie (Black)
  • Black smart shoes
  • The reason why the Mob bosses will be clothed like this is to project a professional look towards the things they do such as planned killings and being criminal leaders, the personality they project are more family-orientated and should be less selfish than murderers.
  • Traits are manipulative, narcissistic( admiration of oneself) and impulsive


  • Longcoat
  • sean-john-mens-hooded-toggle-wool-coat-p15677967r
  • gloves (Leather)
  • 418b4uuwoil-_sx342_
  • hat
  • flat-hat-cap-cabby-logo-34
  • This is how the detectives will be dressed as, since it is a modernized version of a noir detective. The gloves wil make it feel more realistic as being the detective where as he/she is depicting the crime scene the gloves will show that the detectives have an understanding and do not want to tarnish any evidence.



  • Images of locations will be placed here as a suggestion of where the shots may take place in the noir trailer
  • South bank Skate Park: here is where the murder takes place and the detectives find the first purple card of the mob bosses, this is a good area to use as you can see it looks urban, gritty and dark.
  • southbank-apr07-17
  • Kingston College: the college could be used as a base of operation for the mob bosses would meet up and relocate.
  • Kingston College, Kingston upon Thames
  • Waterloo Bridge: Could be a backdrop to the introduction to the  trailer as various scenes gets chopped up into different parts of the noir film.
  • waterloo_bridge_at_night


  • Purple Card
  • Gun
  • Chalk (Optional)
  • Light
  • Balaclava
  • Ski Mask

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