Story Idea 02: Synopsis

Characters: Detective, Crime Bosses, Co-Workers (Detectives), undercover cop

Location: Alleyway, Streets Day/Night, Detective Department

Detective: A stubborn man who gets straight to the point, as he serves the force with respect and hard work he’s impatient when it comes to receiving information because he’s worried that criminals can act at any point. He specialises in solving crimes and collecting evidence to have a major contribution to shutting down drug houses to street lords. This has been made him an idol to his working peers,however he can’t do it alone as he uses undercover cops who distinguished themselves adequate to go on undercover to seek information.

Undercover Cop: A serpent a man who exploits his position of trust in order to shut down the crimes bosses this means he is untrustworthy and sly, however he gets the job done as he is very skilled in knowledge, technology, marksman and driving.

  • Crime bosses (Mafia) who hold down sections of London rendezvous  at central London for an initiation of a member into the family.
  • The member is a double agent who is a undercover cop  on an inside job feeding information to the police to reduce crime rate and shut down king pins who hold strings round London.
  • During the ceremony a detective (main protagonist) enters
  • mysterious Music ques
  • He/She cloaks themselves into the crowd
  • they notice each other
  • later they meet trying to convince each other. The undercover cop is trying to convince the detective that he needs more time on his case while the detective is trying to pull him off to case before he becomes too attached, this becomes impossible for the two.
  • little did they know someone has found out their location and has been taking pictures of them exchanging information, an individual who’s position in this is unknown, with the information they have captured may or may not have been
  • the images has been sent to the crime boss and the undercover cop is in deep trouble
  • his life is at risk, will his loyalty pull him thru

The Undercover Detective has been doing his job feeding information to the police, however this case has made him attached to his gang and it is the detectives job to find tracks that haven’t been uncovered to bring him back home as hes the only gate way to shut down the Mafia.


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