Production- Noir Film

Costume Planning For Each Character: Mob bosses Black suit here  is an example of how the outfit will look. White T-Shirt Bow Tie/Tie (Black) Black smart shoes The reason why the Mob bosses will be clothed like this is to project a professional look towards the things they do such as planned killings and being […]

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Story Idea 02: Synopsis

Characters: Detective, Crime Bosses, Co-Workers (Detectives), undercover cop Location: Alleyway, Streets Day/Night, Detective Department Detective: A stubborn man who gets straight to the point, as he serves the force with respect and hard work he’s impatient when it comes to receiving information because he’s worried that criminals can act at any point. He specialises in […]

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Story Idea 01

The story begins with two detectives, one  named Keith an aggressive bulky man who’s been in the field for years and has been successful in all of his cases for years as he is known to be a kingpin of the streets because you cant hide nothing from him, and his companion Abel a newbie […]

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