Target Audience/Legal & Ethical Considerations (WIP)

Target Audience

For a weather app it doesn’t really have a gender to apply to so this wouldn’t be made for any specific sex. This product my target audience ages are ranged from 18+ this means that the app  is going to be created in a modern layout and not child themed with bright colours or child themed characters to apply to the younger age group of 18 and above means you as a person should have an understanding of the outside world due to your years of knowledge as this app is simple and wont have too many difficult functionalities to deal with in order to operate the app

My target audience are outgoing people who tend to check the weather wherever they need to go as they are on the go and hardly stay inside this means hey like quick operating apps.

the target audience would want the app to provide preferences such as font, colour and themes which can be altered in the app settings which is a small thing but it adds character to the app, also it should be able to have a 15 day forecast and use of temperature informing you on the status of the weather on that day and if you should tale precautions in case it is hot or cold. Also the app well tell you where you are and the weather is in the location you are heading in.


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