L.A Noire Ideas

Attractive Fashion model with the world at her feet Homicide Location(Bathtub) Dead body floating Another life wasted Plot: A beautiful model idle in her bathroom alive or dead you may never know as the door is open u wonder who visited her, located in a shady hotel no one knows how the visitor got in. […]

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App Design Developments


This is the logo, the size for this logo image will be applying to iPhone 5s so the ratio for is 568 x 193 pts it will not have a background as it will have a its foreground colors to pull through.

Here is the design of the weather app im creating as you can see it has a sort of modern style to it and the colors are related to the theme of the weather for example blue is for clear skies and sunny weather, This will be the final design for the app I’m going to publish as it was the one i preferred the most out of my drawn concepts.

To capture these colours I’ve used Photoshop and colors that complement each other to give an image of what types of weather are occurring in the weather app.To create this I used rounded squares as an outline of 3 to be precise and aligned them into a diamond order thats missing a bottom part but thats what creates the affect, then i proceed to use the 3 outlines and fill them with carefully selected gradients that apply to the icons i also use to complete my logo.

The gradient affect is later used for the layout of the app which is altered between time and weathering. which also means the weather icons rotate through change of weather and time.daylight

Here is one of the concepts of the app as you can see it has an icon of the type of weather e.g Daytime there is an image of a sun setting or Night time the layout will alternate into a dark and smoky layout with the moon icon displayed. Furthermore you see the degrees, precipitation, humidity and wind is placed onto the middle. The arrow signifies a new page that will give you a detailed description of what your seeing and extend to a 7-day forecast to statistics.page-2

Also another design that has been developed is the third age to be linked is the settings page, which allows you to alternate your presences on the app from choosing how the temperature from F(Fahrenheit) to C(Celsius), Wind Speed, Update Intervals and language. Furthermore the text will highlight into a brighter white colour if you clicked on Yes/No however in the final design i might change it to look more visually pleasing.settings01

Here is how it looks, the colours are all complementary and do not clash each-other, added a soft gradient to the background as you can see if you was to look at the top left of the background as it becomes black as it approaches the middle.

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Motion Graphics Treatment WIP

Currently i have not started the concept artwork for my motion graphic, this means that when the next time i write this i should have a range of ideas and concepts for my motion graphic, The design is going to be made with a range of colours based around my artist work and the research I’ve […]

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