Peter Savile Research

Peter savile is a English art director and graphic designer.he became famous by the many record sleeves he designed, he was also known for CD covers which ill further research as he worked for factory records as he was the director for them. The company he worked for Factory Records was a Manchester based British independent record label which started in 1978, which featured several prominent musical acts on its roster such as Joy Division, New Order, A Certain Ratio, The Durutti column and Happy Mondays.]

Savile entered the music scene in 1978 as he became a partner of Factory Records which lead to him designing sleeves for them 1979-05-fac5

Here is am example of peter saviles art work as you can see he uses collages and explores a range of bright colors, this is the art work that made him director of Factory Records. Peter Savile artwork has contemporary culture as he was a powerful instrument to his company which is Factory Records. His work has got a mass amount of notice on his work on Joy Division and New Order that had a new view of advertisement and design.

Unknown Pleasures (1979)

Here is one of the art works he’s created as cover art for New Order and Joy Division this piece is called Unknown Pleasures as you can see the image is a wave as when you hear the album which made this design appropriate. its said to be technical and sensual its as if you see how it the sound of the heart beat looked like.

[Saville has won numerous design awards, and his achievements in design were celebrated in The Peter Saville Show at the Design Museum in London in 2003. The exhibition was then shown in Tokyo and Manchester. In 2005, he staged his first major show in a contemporary art museum with the exhibition, ESTATE, at the Migros Museum in Zurich. Saville’s ongoing work in conceptual design is exhibited at Paul Stolper in London and at Galerie Neu in Berlin. An international authority on design and creativity, he is a regular broadcaster on design issues, and lectures all over the world.

Throughout his career, Saville has engaged with design at a strategic level, culminating in his appointment as consultant creative director to Manchester City Council in 2004. As well as advising the council on perception and communication, he is creative consultant to the critically acclaimed Manchester International Festival.] need to put in own words


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