Single Camera Research

Single camera is a method which was a technique developed in the birth of classic hollywood movies such as the noir in the 1910s and has remained a standard mode of production for cinema.

singlecamera-diagramHere is what it looks like at a birds eye view of single camera as only one person is operating the camera, each various shot is taken from that single camera where A is primary And B is Secondary as the director tells the camera man to pan from A to B.

A single camera show suggests that only one camera is used to produce this show, which also means various shots and angles are taken on the same camera a for example the news channels you have on the Tv are Single camera because the perspective is in front of you.

Diary of a Bad Man is an example of single camera format, it was a successful web series on youtube which made him famous on youtube which lead him to independently create more shows and give notoriety to his name. As you see from the image you are only able to see one camera .

Diary of a Badman

This is how all of his intros for his web series begins with from the single camera your able to see he main character and his surroundings, this is called single camera setup where it is also known as potable single camera which is useful Technique in film production.

Extreme Long shot is a technique is used to show a large amount of landscape around the characters this means that an extreme long shot would be used to show the landscape that is where the focus would be to show a distance.


In this scene of WALL-E with such a huge shot you can see the landscape and the two characters together, it shows how dusty and wasteful the junkyard looks

Long shot actually just shows the entire object or person this means and tends to place a message behind the shot as a relation to the surroundings. This technique is used in TV or Film for an example i will be using the movie Thor to show you the long shot technique utilized.


This shot was taken from the movie ‘Thor 2’. As you can see from this example of long shot it is very good as you see the main character Thor looking away from the camera as he is centered in the middle as if he is in some spotlight because his surroundings has a light blur to it, the feeling being expressed as he looks towards the left as if hes preparing himself for an upcoming threat because he still has his weapon armed.

Medium Shot a medium shot is camera shot from a medium distance. its between long shot and medium shot technique which then leads into a close-up, Ill be using a scene i captured from the walking dead.


In these collective of scenes the first two scenes are reverse shot technique and the last one is a medium shot scene that follows up into a close up, following up from the first scene the main character rick sees the feet of the child which leads into a medium shot/reverse sequence as you see from the images of rick going after the child, further more it is followed up by a close up of rick but this time its more immediate, as he walks it changes from a medium shot to a close-up instead of a medium or long shot. This increases tension in the scene and progression into a potential attention grabber for the viewers.



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