5 Great Apps:

  • Facebook

The design of Facebook is very simplistic since its a white font colour f onto a blue background as these two colours are used through out the layout of the app and logo of the app, Facebook is a very popular app well at first it was on the computer where it was competing with myspace and msn, but currently the age group of Facebook is occupied by 50s and over, its in the ranking of the top 15 most used apps in the world. The functionalities of Facebook is that you have a news feed which allows you to see news or anything that people on friends list that have shared any pictures, statuses, videos or invitations to events or games as a form of promotion. Furthermore you can create a group     or a wall where people can like this and become apart of a community.The interactivity of Facebook has over 900 million users.

  • Instagram

The old design of Instagram was like i leather label with a camera lens in the middle of it to represent itself as picture app but recently it altered its design with like flurry of colours with a camera lens in the middle which was a big step the creators decided to take, the functionality of Instagram 5yrs ago only allowed you to upload a picture to an app which could get liked and commented on but now you can upload videos, gifs, collages and pictures as it has improved thought time to maintain at top, also in the app your allowed to direct message/group direct message to be used to talk to someone for inquires or our own reasons or if you have friends you van create a group through the app which allows you to send stuff each other, in Instagram hashtags are to group what ever picture you’ve uploaded on to a range of pictures using the same hash tag so you could see the other pictures, nowadays Instagram is a way to promote clothing and modelling which means its very effective in marketing. The interactivity of Instagram has over 500 million users.

  • Snapchat

Snapchat design is ghost on a yellow background, the appearance when your using the app is a yellow background with the yellow headline, snapchat is an app that allows you to take a picture/video and post it to your story which lasts for 24hrs then it gets deleted from the app itself so don’t forget to save it to your camera roll, however you can do the same thing and send it personally to someone specific, also the app allows you to use filters as it has a range of wacky,cute, interesting and weird filters that make your snaps interesting, but now there is a new added feature that is called memories where you can revive your old snaps to your story.When messaged on the app the blue icon means someone sent you a text, purple is for video and red is of a picture, on the chat system your allowed to video call, or audio call and you can save conversations by holding on to the text.The interactivity of snapchat has over 800 million users.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp design is a green speech bubble with a phone sign in the middle of it, the appearance when using the app has a green header with a white background with all your contacts, chats, calls are all separated into three grids. whatsApp is a paid subscription allows you to chat to people once you have there number you can call them send them videos and pictures its like messaging app but with polished functions.The interactivity of whatsApp has over 450 million users.


  • Twitter

Twitter design is a white bluejay bird onto a blue background, when using the app the design of the app is simple its a bird but when your using the app you could see where the tabs are professional placed. Twitter is a free micro blogging app which allows you to follow people and vice versa so people is able to see your posts with is called tweets where it can be retweeted which means the person re posted it on their own page which kinda gives you recognition which endorses more people to come to ur blog, page or however you see it also there is a a heart shape which is a like  and a star for saved tweets. if you was to use it for business profession you aren’t allowed to tweet or share profanity it must be strictly for business or it will have repercussions on you, also ur allowed to direct message on the app and she links from other apps. The interactivity of twitter has 313 million users.29zfzy6i

5 Terrible Apps (My opinion)

  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an messaging app made for people who use Facebook on their devices which is really stupid because on the web version you can message freely without having to download this ridiculous app, When using this app it has many functionalities that only work with people who have downloaded the Facebook app which is create group calls as in audio or video calls, being able to send Emojis pictures, gifs. It will not work if someone has Facebook and not the app which is silly in my opinion. The Design of the app is a blue thunder bolt in a speech bubble is hidden message which tells us that it is a instant messenger app which is the only thing that makes sense when using this app.

  • Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a ‘free’ music streaming app the reason why there is hyphens around free its because recently Soundcloud had an update where non members of the app isn’t allowed to listen to the full songs of official artists such as Rihanna, drake and Beyoncé this leaves you with underground songs, or rip offs from artist, also they have implemented advertisements in between songs which is pretty ridiculous. However you could start a career using this app by uploading your very own music or create compilations of songs or host a radio/podcast station. The design is cloud on a orange background which is pretty simple not too complicated.

  • I am important

I am important is an app that makes you feel important this means that it allows you to create fake accounts and contacts to make you feel special no one should ever download this app it is sad and stupid, more importantly its a waste of your time.

  • Send me to heaven

This app records how high you throw your phone up into the air, Which puts you onto the global records, this app is risky and stupid I mean if you have old phone you should try it pass time or if your rich just throw your phone and see what you get. their should be a iq requirement to see if your stupid to download this.

  • Razor blade app

It simulates a shaver…


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