App research

App Dimensions Apple:

  • 120×120 Iphone App
  • 180×180 Iphone App for retina display
  • 76×76 Ipad App
  • 152×152 Ipad App for retina display

App Dimensions Android

  • 512×512 Google play
  • 48×48 Android Launcher Icons
  • 24×24 area in 32×32 Action, Dialog & tab icons
  • 16×16 Small Contextual Icons
  • 22×22 Notifications icons

Apple phone Dimensions:

  • Iphone 4: 640×960
  • Iphone 5:640×1160
  • Iphone 6:720×1334
  • Iphone 7:1586×2048

Iphone Scroll wheel


Instagram App:

  • Is worth for £1billionhow-instagram-started
  • Instagram is one of the best photo app worldwide, this app allows you to upload a picture to the app and people who follow you are able to like it or comment to give their opinion on what you uploaded, functionalities in the app such as making in public or not is what allows you to have another form of privacy instead of relying on a password when you login to the app it enables a padlock onto your account and when people try to follow you it sends you a request if you want to allow that person to access your account, the Direct message function allows you to personally message someone of your choice if the person is on private it also sends a direct message request, overall instagram is a very successful app because 5 years you wasnt able to upload videos, collages and gifs which means overtime the app changed in a marketing way of success, also the app itself took a huge leap by changing how the icon is to think the people would be affected by it so muchinstagram-bnw-1
  • Here you can see the design of the new layout of Instagram, the icons on the bottom take you to different parts of the app and they are home, explore/search, upload photo/video, your feed/following and your page. in front of you is an image that has been uploaded and as you can see it informs you how long ago it was uploaded ( 7 secs ago) and the three icons below the pic you interactive with is the heart shape one is a like the speech bottle allows you to comment the arrow button allows you to forward the video/photo to someone in direct messages. The mail box at the top right corner is where your messages are located.


  • This is how it looks when you decide to upload a picture/video on Instagram by enabling you to use the camera on your phone or you can use the library which access the photos and videos in your phone.


  • This wha your feed looks like it informs you of the things that happens involving your @ or your page, also you can click on following to check out your friends feed.


  • This is your explore page it resets overtime you re-open the app matching you up with things you recently liked or similar interests as it is presence based which means its assessed on things you are interested in or things you search up like hashtags, people or locations.


  • This is your page it allows you to edit your profile to change personal information or decide whether u want your account to be private, business or open. When you turn your Instagram account to a business account you allow people to contact you for business enquires. Settings is located at the top right.

App design?

When creating an app you need to consider using a grid since everything exists on it and it is able to guide you but they are invisible which means you are unable to see them. when an integer like a dot, a word is entered on to the canvas/display/screen u need to consider the spacing when creating the app for you to be able to work with and define your margins which means you need to be precise fortunately thats where the grid is there to guide you, also you have to be consistent with heights and widths with the margins and padding.

Colour is key in app design because certain colors creates hierarchy which means other colours are more. When using colours y should consider what colours you deicide to use carefully for example if a button on the app is red ( Which signifies Stop) it will effect the target audience which will stop the user from engaging the app you created, often thinking it will not grant them their goal, also try not to use the same colour buttons try to change how the layout of colours is like black is button 1 which is important, grey is button 2 which is mid important and white as button 3 a passive colour for a less important button as if it was rankings. Colour associations are culturally is based and should be considering in the target market.

Logo adds a style to your business/company/group/independent made app but it does reflect how good or bad image on your business as logo is a symbol of a business as it defines who you are and what you stand for, a logo is another way to show the world who you are which identifies people, products, clothes, food or technology. Page title is a clean way to remind the user when using the app where the user has opened up an amount of tabs opened up.Design is made of trends it is good to keep on track with the trends so your app doesn’t become outdated and fall in ranks when in competition, currently the trend is flat design and you should always be aware of your audience, as they will judge you for it, most apps are made of lists.

When creating an app you need to consider how responsive and effective the app is because the user expects it to be fast to all their interactions however it isn’t always because certain interactions take a while to start, every interaction should have interaction because when a user takes action as in tap, click or swipe is responded with an animation, this gives user feedback which shows that the action has been executed.



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