Animation Cut Out (Incomplete)

Pikachu cut out.jpg

To create this image i have used photoshop to crop out the pikachu which going to animate in after effects, Before this picture was occupied with background and annotations from the source i retrieved this image from so i had to us certain tools to clean it up and make it look sharp.

I used the colour stamp tool to clone couple bits of the image that didn’t look correctly so i healed up patches that looked oddly weird and then decided to overlay it with the pen tool so the black lines stand out.

I had to use the magnetic lasso tool to copy cut the image on to a separate layer so that i can progress by doing it with the other two images.

This is one of the characters that will be used in the warburtons animations there are two more characters which will be used to envelop the scene [currently i am outlining the screen of the house as it will be the first scene used in the animation]


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