Storyline Treatment.

Warburtons X Pokemon

The idea sparked from Warbutons having their 140th anniversary and Pokemon having their 20th anniversary we’ve decided to make a collaboration with the two successful icons just like Warburtons and the muppets have done. So we decided to do some research and I’ve found out that the chairman of Warburtons has children and this is where the story will stem from, however they are above the ages of 18 so in this story they are acting out the ages of 11-13. The story will be set indoors of a home that Warburtons and his family lives in.

  • Characters
  • Mr Warburton
  • Ms Warburton(Kim)
  • Charlotte
  • Harry/Jack (Twins)
  • Angus
  • Props
  • House
  • Nintendo Ds (4x)
  • Warburton bagels (thin)
  • Tea
  • Pokemon Props
  • Set Time: Midday
  • SFX
  • Stair Creaks
  • Opening/Closing Doors
  • Footsteps


Mr Warburton is at home having tea and bagels which are thin with his wife Ms Warburton, while his children are in their rooms doing their own thing. Mrs Warburton shouts out”KIDS !!!” she gains no response… this gives Mrs Warburton an odd sensation for why any of her children aren’t  responding or listening to her, then she begins to question her authority  in the house, so she tries to order Mr Warburton about so she feels some sort of kick out of it, to cover up. So Mr Warburton makes his way up the stairs[FOOTSTEPS/STAIR CREAKS] he hears the muffled noises of children saying ‘go pikachu, use ember charmander’ Mr warburton is  curious of these strange names… So then he opens the door [OPENING DOORS] then as he enters he sees these strange creatures as they conjure up these unusual powers. Mr Waburton



Warburton’s: Experiment B4G3L

The idea is that since the bagel is the thing we are trying to promote i thought it would be a cool idea to introduce the bagel as a new scientific project or discovery where the Warburton scientists are in the lab. Where they come across this amazing round shaped harden bread we call a bagel. Where mysteriously a BREACH occurs, leading to the latest discovery of the bagel becoming stolen,


































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