Analysis Of Animation pt.2

Motion Design: is a subset of graphic design which means a proportion of a set of animation is used and written, also means that its uses graphic design principles so no laws are being broken through the designing which could result to being sued in film making or video production context(or other temporally evolving visual medium) through the use of animation of filmic techniques

The huge increase in animation was due to technological breakthroughs which made them cleaner,sharper and obviously better, which also meant the art form got better due to improvements, this means that companies gradually have to improve and update their animation to the current timeline as the art form has been around for decades , as it has taken a quantum leap forward in the recent years.

This clip is good start to find inspiration on animation as it showed us how to explain the blurred lines in animation in motion design, Also it clearly give you a description on what animation really is, which is key if your someone who is starting off in the animation scene so u need to know the difference between other animations such as kinetic typography and stop from as i will later inform you about those other alternatives.

Giving you a variety of animations and showing your a time-lapse on how the animations gradually gotten better. However the animations improvements are much different to kinetic typography and stop frame as those two hasn’t made any groundbreaking breakthroughs of animations

Kinetic Typography: Is the technical name for moving as it is a moving technique in animation works, it is an animation technique combining motion and text to express the ideas they are trying to cover in the category of the topic or in other words it is used in video animations as another form of animation this text is presented over time in a manner intended to convey a crucial message or provoke a particular emotion.

Stop Frame: is another form of an animation technique that physically manipulates an object and make it appears as if it is moving when really its just a inanimate object being moved by the host while a picture is taken in each interval to appears moving on its own


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