Research On IP Law(Incomplete)

Intellectual Property Law: Handles with the rules securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic work meaning stopping people stealing artists, content creators, and companies work. By claiming all the hard work that has been focused into the work which is stealing and some sort of fraud which could give you a banging […]

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Storyline Treatment.

Warburtons X Pokemon The idea sparked from Warbutons having their 140th anniversary and Pokemon having their 20th anniversary we’ve decided to make a collaboration with the two successful icons just like Warburtons and the muppets have done. So we decided to do some research and I’ve found out that the chairman of Warburtons has children […]

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Analysis Of Animation pt.2

Motion Design: is a subset of graphic design which means a proportion of a set of animation is used and written, also means that its uses graphic design principles so no laws are being broken through the designing which could result to being sued in film making or video production context(or other temporally evolving visual […]

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