Warbutons: Target Audience

Target Audience: Women aged 20-45 Coffee Gym Probably starting a family Financially Stable Owns A Car Lives in a house(Flat, Apartment and house) Watches soaps Beauty Fashion Make Up Instagram(20-25 aged women) Clean Mature Music Youtube Tutorials Food Relationships Concerts(20-25 women) Strong Social Interactions Pregnancy Support Income Money Banking Love Respect Independant Starbucks Shopping Feminist […]

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UI Interface: Team Ideas

Emblems: A heraldic device or symbolic object as a distinctive badge of nation, organisation or family. An emblem is key for racing car teams as they represent them as a whole which is pretty similar to a logo. However in this game team logos look better with emblems as I feel like it shows superiority […]

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Warburtons’s: Branding

What is a ‘brand’? A brand is a type of product that is manufactured by a particular company and under a particular name or in other words is what makes the company, a brand is very important as it is a form identification the face of your company and logo. This means that you can’t […]

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Ui – Reasearch/Analaysis

Need For Speed:Rivals Need for Speed Rivals is an open world racing game which came out 2013, at the time it had brilliant visuals, controls and online systems. In this game it has hundreds of cars from huge car companies such as mclaruen, Ferrari, Buggatti, Lamboginies and ford allowing you to drive these ridiculously expensive […]

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