Lap and position

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 11.48.08

I got this lap and position inspiration from need for speed as in the game they was trying to represent the time they was set meaning being up to date with technology making it look technical and high tech with the digital work put into it, and as the game was released for next gen so they can go all out in the working and design for the game. I used solid fill as you can see, its clear the reason why I used black and grey is because they are two colours that stand out the most and the area its set in is London so it relates to the colour scheme of its set location, This was inspired from my HUD research  as one of the images i have research has a similar lap and position to the one i created so i decided to recreate in my own innovative image.

The font size i have chosen was fairly huge till the point it just fitted into the custom shape or in other words rectangle.

Solid fill, clear on literlyky anything

Inspired from HUD research (be specific wen u talk bout this)

Talk about font choice

Top right coz standard



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