Analysis of animation

  • Style of animation 2D/3D: the style of animation is 3D with a cartoonish art style as it is a game and games are mostly played by children this is pretty effective in bringing in more consumers to the game as eventually more updates will come into the game which means the advertisements will get more ridiculously popular as cartoony animations adverts grab more younger views than older people  based on how sharp and clean it is.



  • Resolution + frame rate [24 frames per second]


  • Storyline or message -literal or abstract: its literal in a way as the story is about you trying to free all the enslaved people on the beaches of the game, then having defeat the endgame boss super villain as it is a challenge itself since its online game which means other players are imposed as you enemy or on your side. However in this advertisement will show you what new feature they have added into the game but commercial interest the customers.


  • style of design-backgrounds/characters/clothing/etc:  The animation is very cartoon based as an army theme, characters features in the game are some sort exaggerated and the background is vast and simple. the background has kind of like some reduced opacity as if they want the main characters to pop out of the TV, also it seems lighter and clear with


  • colour palette -The range of colours to be used in an animation is pretty tropical as it set in a beach scenario bench the name boom beach which makes a lot of sense to see vibrant colours in the current animation. in the animation the protagonists are mainly blue because it is in-between the sky and the sea, While the opposing enemy team which also shows hot and cold colours and opposite to the blue team meaning blue represents the good people in the game


  • type style – The font used in the animation is very bold n western like as the texts are fairly big so it will be easily viewed on TV, Cinema and multiple viewing platforms. As the text needs to be basic so that it won’t cause problems for anyone or have any religious meaning behind it.



Here i will use an animation used to advertise different features in the game ‘Boom Beach’ to attract customers attention for each following update as it is professionally made but also needs to apply to all ages:


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