Poster Visual Communication/Digital Media

Unit 12


This piece was created by Roy Lichtenstein known as the pop art artist who became an iconical leading figure in the new art movement. This piece is very creative colourful and bright as it is a woman with a sad or frighting expression as if she’s seen something, This piece was created in 1965 which came directly from a pop culture novel as it was based from the artist loving the consistent art style of the comic strip as the artists main inspiration as you can see the art work projected in this piece.

The methods used to create this piece which is pop art is made in a form of screen prints of everyday objects,colourfully presented. To create this work requires simple techniques nothing complicated just simple and some sort easy to create pop artwork for example the silk screen process/Screen printing is a printing technique where mesh is used to transport ink onto an underlying layer, unfortunatly not in areas that cannot allow fluids through by easily.

To make this piece digitally in are current time is much more easier than it was back in the day since you could just use your computer, without all the materials and resources you have wasted to create the piece. However it might not have that impact it would have if its been made digitally as people find it better to be made in its traditional way.



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