Warburton’s Idea Workshop Unit 3

While the event took place round last week we was watching this presentation that spoke different types of marketing, also showing how the media interacts with scenarios, while showing awareness through advertisement like there was an billboard sign of a woman who’s been domestically abused. while your watching the woman you see her skin gradually become better if you actually pay attention to it because the billboard has face recognition as well.

Another example NHS Blood and Transplant had a campaign to help blood donations since there were missing blood types such as A and O this lead them to reach high profile brands such as Google, Daily Mail, Nando’s and pot noodle.

Here you can see google with missing letters

, This is very effective because a majority of the population in the UK use google which will empower the curiosity for why google is missing letters for a high end cooperation.

The missing letter types are their new campaign called ‘Missing Type’ which will help new people understand what it means when you donate blood of r a greater cause and the effects after your blood donation also it is creating awareness for the next few years because there might not be enough blood for patients. Since the amount of blood donations decreased this was a problem for the NHS and for the UK being that there aint enough blood for all blood types.


Another thing we did in the project is we watched adverts and we analysed, for what makes them successful it is or the subliminal messages it leaves behind the advertisement or what they want you to think while watching the advert as it plays on, also what could make the advert better basically pros and cons

Advertisement: notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy.

In this advert you’ll see people as a regular person, but when they receive the tools they turn into some super hero of B&Q and become enthusiastic and energetic

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