Lap and position

I got this lap and position inspiration from need for speed as in the game they was trying to represent the time they was set meaning being up to date with technology making it look technical and high tech with the digital work put into it, and as the game was released for next gen […]

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HUD Research

  Speedometer – I like this speedometer as it is clear and informing, immersive, creative and colourful as you can easily see it on the Ui interface of this game. As it tells u all the information ┬áneed to know i a driving game such as the speed you are going at,As you see the […]

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Analysis of animation

Style of animation 2D/3D: the style of animation is 3D with a cartoonish art style as it is a game and games are mostly played by children this is pretty effective in bringing in more consumers to the game as eventually more updates will come into the game which means the advertisements will get more […]

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Warburton’s Idea Workshop Unit 3

While the event took place round last week we was watching this presentation that spoke different types of marketing, also showing how the media interacts with scenarios, while showing awareness through advertisement like there was an billboard sign of a woman who’s been domestically abused. while your watching the woman you see her skin gradually […]

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