Racing Game Soundtrack Assignment

In this sound loop it has to relate to environment of racing game, so what you are going to hear is passing cars, motorcycles, pedestrians and environment(wind,water and fire). To create this i used free to obtain sounds for my sound loop task which is a racing car, also i used audition to chop up certain parts, or put effect on the atmosphere I’m trying to create, also furthermore on audition I showed some of the skills I’ve learned from mark which is being able to have the sound travel from your left ear into your right ear which creates a scene.

The sound-loop scenery is imagine your in the streets of London, traffic is busy, constant chatter of people, construction workers creating irritating havoc while the harsh wind cuts through the air. While a underground race empowers the streets while capturing the attention of the world.


The next link is the final sound loop which has a techno tech kinda feel to it as it has a pretty melody however it could have some more work done on it but unfortunately i ran out of time to complete it, When you listen to the short piece of work you hear the dramatic build up it has to introduce the racing game.



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